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About's Closings & Delays system

WVEC uses an advanced system to display closings and delays on TV and online, categorized for easy access.

Not all closings in our system are displayed on TV. Business closings are listed only on our Web site. All other categories are displayed on-air and online.


How can your company or facility get listed in our system?

WVEC uses an automated closing system. You must be pre-registered to use this system.

If you’d like to register your school which includes day-care, private and public schools, colleges and universities you can email Deb Shollenberger at or fax your request to Deb at 757-628-6220.

If you’d like to register your business, city or state government, military, or community service closing you can email Jane Davis at or fax your request to Jane at 757-628-5855.

For general questions, you may also visit our contact page and select the category Closings & Delays.

If you’d like to mail your request for closing information please use the following address:
WVEC Television, Inc.
ATTN: Closings Desk
613 Woodis Avenue
Norfolk, VA  23510

If your closing effects 100 persons or less we suggest setting up a private voice-mail message at your location as WVEC is unable to assist you with your closing.

Please do not leave closing information on this phone line as it isn’t checked during an actual weather event. You may hang up now unless you are interested in

Sunday Religious closing information.

WVEC is currently evaluating our process for handling church closings. We will have revised guidelines posted soon. At this time, we ask you to please contact your church or parish to find out whether services are cancelled.