Leave natural gas service on during hurricane


Virginia Natural Gas

In the case of a hurricane warning, Virginia Natural Gas offers these hurricane safety tips:

Hurricane preparation:

  • Virginia Natural Gas customers are advised to leave their natural gas service on, even in the event of an evacuation. Customers should not attempt to turn gas off at their meters. Most gas appliances have safety valves that shut off the flow of gas automatically if the pilot light goes out.
  • Stay tuned to radio or TV for critical bulletins.
  • Board up windows, garage and porch doors. Large windows should be braced inside and out. Taping windows will lessen the hazard of flying glass.
  • Move valuables to upper floors if possible to avoid water damage.
  • Bring in pets and loose objects such as toys, furniture, and trashcans.
  • Fill containers with several days supply of drinking water (including sterilized bathtub).
  • Stay indoors on the downwind side of the house with a door or window on that side of the house open.
  • If ordered to evacuate, quickly secure your home and leave immediately. Follow evacuation orders regardless of what the weather is at the time. It may be sunny and calm when the evacuation order comes, but this lead time is necessary to insure your safety.
  • Emergency Car Kit should include:
    • Battery powered radio, flashlight, and extra batteries
    • Blanket
    • Booster cables
    • Fire extinguisher (5lb A-B-C type)
    • First aid kit and manual
    • Bottled water and non-perishable high energy foods such as granola bars, raisins, and peanut butter.
    • Secure pet carriers for cats and small dogs, sturdy leashes/harnesses for larger dogs, and appropriate crates or cages for other types of pets such as reptiles, birds, etc.