DOCUMENT: York Co. Schools calls speed limit increase unsafe


by Karen Hopkins, 13News

Posted on December 5, 2012 at 6:59 PM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 5 at 7:13 PM

Bruton High School

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YORK CO. - York County school officials say it's unsafe to up the speed limit in a school zone and they don't want it changed.

The Virginia Department of Transportation plans to raise the speed limit outside Bruton High School from 25MPH to 45MPH during the Winter break.

The speed along much of East Rochambeau Drive is 55MPH, but near the school, it's 25MPH.

VDOT spokeswoman Lauren Hansen said asking drivers to slow down to 25MPH from 55 MPH was dangerous.

“There is consideration of causing additional crashes by having the speed limit too low,” she explained.

VDOT says a study recommended the increase and showed there were few accidents along the stretch of road.   Additionally,  they argue that Bruton doesn't have a crosswalk, making chances of pedestrian accidents low  

The new limit is supported by Virginia State Police and the York County Sheriff.   Hansen says the plan was researched thoroughly.

“Unless any additional information is brought to us, I don’t see a change in our plans,” she added.

The school division's chief operating officer hopes VDOT will reconsider.  Carl James says he's worried about inexperienced high school drivers pulling out of school.