Flooding in Hampton close to 2003 Isabel levels



Posted on August 27, 2011 at 7:59 AM

Updated Saturday, Aug 27 at 11:04 PM

HAMPTON -- At Buckroe Beach in Hampton Saturday morning, a man pulled up in his work truck and was going to go wind surfing, but he changed his mind, saying the winds were too strong.

A resident who takes a daily walk along the boardwalk decided to rethink her Saturday outing once she got away from the protection of the beachfront homes.

Three men said they were working to put up sheet rock at Buckroe, so they were working despite the storm.

Buckroe was one of the areas Hampton officials recommended residents leave because of the possibility of flooding from the storm surge and rain.

Nearly 15 hours later, the 10:00 p.m. city email to residents said that tides crested at 7.5 feet above normal, which was below the Isabel level of 7.9 feet. Wind speeds were sustained about 45 mph for much of the day. They had dropped to 35 mph, but gusts remain strong at 51 mph.

The city has a curfew in place from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and only emergency workers should be on the roads.

City officials said about 40 percent of the city was reported to be without power.

Fox Hill at Mercury, Harris Creek Road, St. Albans Drive, Old Foxhill Road
Merchant Lane at Coliseum Drive
Power Plant Parkway at Briarfield Road
Buffalo Drive
Pasture Lane at Eagle Point Road
Mercury Boulevard at Sendendale Drive
Allendale Drive at Fort Worth
Gilbert Street at Shoreline Drive
Settlers Landing at Wine Street
Bramston Drive at Charlton Drive
Eaton Street at Queensway
Pocahontas Place at Chincoteague
Big Bethel at Newmarket Creek
Semple Farm Road at Middle Road
Baines Road at Edgewater Road
Beach Road at Willow
Dandy Point Road at Beach Road
First Street in Buckroe at Pilot Ave
King Street at I-64, Pembroke
Thomas Nelson Drive at Scarborough Drive
Wythe Creek Road at Commander Sheppard
Harris Creek Road (200 block)
Redheart Drive and Todds Lane
Westminster Drive
Saunders Road
Aberdeen Road near Newport News line
Rogers Ave/5th Street
Intersection of Twin Oaks and W. Weaver
Chesapeake Avenue between Robinson Road and Wythe
Hampton Roads Avenue at Snug Harbor Drive
O Canoe Place at Kecoughtan Road
Harbor Drive at Chincoteague and Powhatan
Armistead at Tidemill, Marcella, Hampton Roads Center Parkway and near I-64 by Home Depot (flooding)
Kecoughtan at Sunset creek (flooding)
Bridge Street (flooded)
Pembroke Avenue near Myrtle Street and bridge (flooded)