NCAA Capsules-Norfolk Regional


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Posted on March 18, 2013 at 9:06 PM

Notre Dame

South Bend, 31-1.

Nickname: Fighting Irish. Coach: Muffet McGraw.

Conference: Big East. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 1.

Tournament Record: 37-18, 19 years. Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (80.8); Skylar Diggins 17.0; Kayla McBride 15.4; Natalie Achonwa 13.8.

Rebounds: (43.8); Natalie Achonwa 9.3; Jewell Loyd 5.2.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (19.2/15.7) Skylar Diggins 5.9/3.5; Natalie Achonwa 2.4/2.2.

3-pointers: Team (.332); Skylar Diggins 38; Jewell Loyd 25.

Last Ten: 10-0.

The Skinny: Advanced to past two NCAA national championship games, and has successfully replaced three starters who helped account for 40 percent of team's scoring and rebounding from last season. Won Big East tournament title with 61-59 victory over Connecticut. On a school-record 26-game winning streak.

Tennessee Martin

Martin, 19-14.

Nickname: Skyhawks. Coach: Kevin McMillan.

Conference: Ohio Valley. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 16.

Tournament Record: 0-3, 3 years. Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (73.3); Jasmine Newsome 22.9; Heather Butler 22.0.

Rebounds: (35.0); Rickiesha Bryant 8.2; Jasmine Newsome 5.3; Shelby Crawford 4.5.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (14.6/12.8) Jasmine Newsome 5.4/3.9; Heather Butler 4.0/2.3.

3-pointers: Team (.342); Jasmine Newsome 99, Heather Butler 75; Katie Schubert 50.

Last Ten: 9-1.

The Skinny: The Skyhawks turned it on late in the season and are on an eight-game winning streak going into their third straight NCAA tournament with junior guards Jasmine Newsome, the nation's fifth-leading scorer, and Heather Butler. This team is very seasoned after playing a trio of Top 10 teams last November in Baylor, Stanford and Louisville in consecutive games.



Coral Gables, 21-10.

Nickname: Hurricanes. Coach: Katie Meier.

Conference: Atlantic Coast. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Norfolk. Seed. No. 8.

Tournament Record: 4-8, 8 years. Last apperance: 2012.

Scoring: (65.4); Morgan Stroman 12.8; Stefanie Yderstrom 12.0; Shawnice Wilson 9.9.

Rebounds: (43.4); Morgan Stroman 8.8; Shawnice Wilson 8.3; Keyona Hayes 5.3.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (13.0/18.7); Stefanie Yderstrom 2.3/2.8; Suriya McGuire 2.2/2.5.

3-pointers: Team (.282); Stefanie Yderstrom 60; Krystal Saunders 30.

Last Ten: 7-3.

The Skinny: The Hurricanes' late-season upset of Duke showed how dangerous they can be. Guard play is always key at tournament time and in Yderstrom, Miami has a pure shooter who can keep them in games.


Iowa City, 20-12.

Nickname: Hawkeyes. Coach: Lisa Bluder.

Conference: Big Ten. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 9.

Tournament Record: 17-21, 21 years. Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (67.8); Morgan Johnson 14.8; Jaime Printy 12.9; Melissa Dixon 10.2.

Rebounds: (38.4); Morgan Johnson 7.5; Samantha Logic 6.5.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (15.9/15.8); Samantha Logic 6.5/4.6; Jaime Printy 3.2/2.7.

3-pointers: Team (.336); Melissa Dixon 75; Jaime Printy 54.

Last Ten: 4-6.

The Skinny: Iowa has made it to the NCAA tournament in six consecutive seasons, but lost in the first round in four of its previous five appearances.



Boulder, 25-6.

Nickname: Buffaloes. Coach: Linda Lappe.

Conference: Pac-12. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 5.

Tournament Record: 17-12, 12 years, Last Appearance: 2004.

Scoring: (65.5); Chucky Jeffery 13.9; Arielle Roberson 12.1; Jen Reese 8.5.

Rebounds: (43.2); Chucky Jeffery 8.3; Arielle Roberson 6.0.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (13.3/15.2) Chucky Jeffery 3.9/2.9; Brittany Wilson 2.2/2.2.

3-pointers: Team (.399); Le Kresl 33; Brittany Wilson 30.

Last Ten: 9-1.

The Skinny: Chucky Jeffery is the engine that makes Colorado go. She's going to do her part to keep the Buffaloes in every game, the question is which of their role players can step up and contribute. The Buffs have a nice mix of size to possibly give even the top programs headaches if the draw is favorable.


Lawrence, 18-13.

Nickname: Jayhawks. Coach: Bonnie Henrickson.

Conference: Big 12. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 12.

Tournament Record: 11-12, 12 years, Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (70.1); Carolyn Davis (15.7); Angel Goodrich (14.2).

Rebounds: (38.7) Carolyn Davis (6.7); Chelsea Gardner (6.7).

Assists/Turnovers: Team (16.4/16.4) Angel Goodrich (6.97/3.71); Monica Engelman (2.65/2.52).

3-pointers: Team (.316) Angel Goodrich (54); CeCe Harper (23).

Last Ten: 4-6.

The Skinny: Kansas was one of the last teams in the field last year and advanced to the Sweet 16. Coming from the top-rated RPI conference in the Big 12 and with national award candidate Angel Goodrich, a similar performance wouldn't be a surprise.


South Carolina

Columbia, 24-7.

Nickname: Gamecocks. Coach: Dawn Staley.

Conference: Southeastern. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 4.

Tournament Record: 10-9, 9 seasons, Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (60.7); Aleighsa Welch 12.0; Ashley Bruner 10.0; Ieasia Walker 9.5.

Rebounds: (41.9); Ashley Bruner 7.9, Aleighsa Welch 7.7, Tiffany Mitchell 5.1.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (10.6/13.9) Ieasia Walker 3.2/2.7; Sancheon White 1.0/1.1.

3-Pointers: Team (.251); Ieasia Walker 40; Tiffany Mitchell 20.

Last Ten: 6-4.

The Skinny: The Gamecocks set a school record with their 11 SEC wins this season and matched a 33-year-old school record with 23 regular season wins. Dawn's Staley's 38 SEC wins over five seasons represent 37.3 percent of the program's 22-year total. The Gamecocks were ranked as high as No. 13 in the AP poll this season, their highest mark since January 2003, are among the top 10 defenses in the nation.

South Dakota State

Brookings, 19-13.

Nickname: Jackrabbits. Coach: Aaron Johnston.

Conference: Summit. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 13.

Tournament Record: 1-4, 4 years, Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (67.3); Ashley Eide 13.9; Megan Waytashek 13.8; Katie Lingle 8.9.

Rebounds: (38.4); Leah Dietel 5.7; Katie Lingle 4.8; Hannah Strop 4.4.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (15.0/17.3) Gabby Boever 3.4/2.4; Ashley Eide 2.4/2.5.

3-pointers: Team (.333); Megan Waytashek 59; Ashley Eide 49.

Last Ten: 9-1.

The Skinny: South Dakota State will be making its fifth consecutive NCAA tournament appearance since completing its transition from NCAA Division II. The Jackrabbits have qualified all five years they have been eligible for NCAA Tournament consideration.



Lincoln, 23-8

Nickname: Cornhuskers. Coach: Connie Yori.

Conference: Big Ten. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 6.

Tournament Record: 5-10, 10 years. Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (67.3); Jordan Hooper 18.0; Lindsey Moore 15.1; Emily Cady 9.2.

Rebounds: (40.2); Jordan Hooper 8.7; Emily Cady 8.0.

Assists/Turnovers: (15.1/14.3) Lindsey Moore 5.5/2.6; Rachel Theriot 3.0/2.5.

3-pointers: Team (.312); Jordan Hooper 74; Lindsey Moore 49.

Last Ten: 8-2.

The Skinny: The Huskers have dropped two of their last three, including a 77-64 loss to Purdue in the Big Ten tournament semifinals. Jordan Hooper and Lindsey Moore, Nebraska's two best players, struggled in a 57-49 loss to Kansas in the first round of last year's NCAA tournament. Moore was 5 for 21 from the field, and Hooper made 4 of 18 shots. The Huskers cannot afford a repeat performance this season.


Chattanooga, Tenn., 29-3.

Nickname: Lady Mocs. Coach: Wes Moore.

Conference: Southern. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 11.

Tournament Record: 1-10, 10 years. Last Appearance: 2010.

Scoring (68.8); Ashlen Dewart 15.5; Kayla Christopher 11.4; Taylor Hall 9.1.

Rebounds: (40.1); Ashlen Dewart 7.2; Taylor Hall 5.9; Kylie Lambert 4.9.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (14.8/13.5) Kayla Christopher 2.0/1.4; Alex Black 2./1.8; Kylie Lambert 1.9/1.6.

3-Pointers: Team (.312); Kayla Christopher 61; Alex Black 29; Taylor Hall 27.

Last 10: 10-0.

The Skinny: The Lady Mocs, in the midst of a 19-game winning streak, returned to the top of the Southern Conference with a 19-1 league mark and reclaimed the SoCon Tournament crown. All-Conference selection and Tournament MVP Ashlen Dewart made her return to the court this season after a transfer between conference schools forced her to the sidelines last season.


Texas A&M

College Station, 24-9.

Nickname: Aggies. Coach: Gary Blair.

Conference: Southeastern. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 3.

Tournament Record: 17-8, 9 years, Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (70.0); Kelsey Bone 16.9; Courtney Walker 10.7; Kristi Bellock 10.2.

Rebounds: (39.8); Kelsey Bone 9.6; Kristi Bellock 7.4.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (16.9/14.8) Adrienne Pratcher 4.3/1.6; Courtney Walker 2.7/2.3.

3-pointers: Team (.351); Adrienne Pratcher 40; Peyton Little 25.

Last Ten: 6-4.

The Skinny: Texas A&M got hot at the right time rattling off three straight wins over No. 14 South Carolina, No. 9 Tennessee and No. 7 Kentucky to capture the SEC tournament title in their first ever appearance. The Aggies will be making their 10th appearance in the Big Dance, their eighth consecutive appearance.

Wichita State

Wichita, Kan., 24-9.

Nickname: Shockers. Coach: Jody Adams.

Conference: Missouri Valley. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 14.

Tournament Record: First year. Last appearance: First year.

Scoring: (61.6); Jessica Diamond, 12.0; Alex Harden, 11.8; Michaela Dapprich, 7.8.

Rebounds: (33.7); Alex Harden, 5.1; Chynna Turner, 4.0; Jazimen Gordon, 3.9.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (12.4/14.0); Jessica Diamond 2.9/1.9; Alex Harden 3.7/2.9.

3-pointers: Team (.300); Darice Fountaine, 31; Jessica Diamond, 26.

Last Ten: 8-2.

The Skinny: The Shockers shared the regular season title with Creighton. Both the regular season and tournament titles are the first for Wichita State.


Oklahoma State

Stillwater, 21-10.

Nickname: Cowgirls. Coach: Jim Littell.

Conference: Big 12. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 7.

Tournament Record: 7-10, 10 years, Last Appearance: 2010.

Scoring: (73.9); Toni Young, 15.9, Liz Donohoe 15.0, Tiffany Bias, 12.1.

Rebounds: (41.3); Toni Young, 10.1, Brittney Martin, 6.3.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (16.2/14.4) Tiffany Bias, 6.7/3.8, Brittney Martin, 2.7/2.6.

3-pointers: Team (.344); Liz Donohoe, 60, Kendra Suttles, 21, Tiffany Bias, 21.

Last Ten: 5-5.

The Skinny: Defending WNIT champions logged the 12th 20-win season in school history and are making their seventh consecutive postseason appearance. The Cowgirls will be making their first Appearance under second-year head coach Jim Littell. OSU is led by All-Big 12 selections Toni Young (1st Team), Tiffany Bias (2nd Team) and Liz Donohoe (HM). Brittney Martin was named to the league's all-freshman team.


Chicago, 21-11.

Nickname: Blue Demons. Coach: Doug Bruno.

Conference: Big East. Bid: At-Large.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 10.

Tournament Record: 10-17, 17 years, Last Appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (71.3); Anna Martin 15.7; Brittany Hrynko 14.8; Jasmine Penny 13.1.

Rebounds: (39.7); Katherine Harry 10.5; Chanise Jenkins 4.9.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (17.0/16.1) Brittany Hrynko 5.0/4.5; Chanise Jenkins 4.1/3.3.

3-pointers: Team (.304); Brittany Hrynko 81; Chanise Jenkins 43.

Last Ten: 5-5.

The Skinny: All-American Anna Martin returned to DePaul's lineup on Feb. 26 after missing eight games with a knee injury. Martin leads the Blue Demons in scoring with 15.7 points per game and boasts a 2.0 assist/turnover ratio. During Martin's absence, Brittany Hrynko took over the team and averaged 14.8 points per game. The sophomore guard was named the Co-Most Improved Player in the Big East Conference. Katherine Harry paces the Big East with 10.5 rebounds per game.



Durham, N.C., 30-2.

Nickname: Blue Devils. Coach: Joanne P. McCallie.

Conference: Atlantic Coast. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 2.

Tournament Record: 49-19, 19 years. Last appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (75.6); Elizabeth Williams 15.4; Tricia Liston 13.1; Chelsea Gray 12.6.

Rebounds: (42.1); Haley Peters 7.3; Elizabeth Williams 7.2; Chelsea Gray 5.3.

Assists/Turnovers: Team (16.1/16.8); Chelsea Gray 5.4/2.6; Alexis Jones 3.7/3.3.

3-pointers: Team (.422); Tricia Liston 70; Chloe Wells 27.

Last Ten: 9-1.

The Skinny: Everything changed for Duke when Chelsea Gray was lost for the season with a knee injury. Freshman Alexis Jones has been brilliant in her absence, and if she can keep it up, the Blue Devils could challenge for their first Final Four since 2006.


Hampton, Va., 28-5.

Nickname: Lady Pirates. Coach: David Six.

Conference: Mid-Eastern Athletic. Bid: Automatic.

Region: Norfolk. Seed: No. 15.

Tournament Record: 0-6, 6 years. Last appearance: 2012.

Scoring: (64.5); Keiara Avant (16.1); Nicole Hamilton 12.2; Olivia Allen 11.8; Alyssa Bennett 10.2.

Rebounds: (41.7); Keiara Avant (10.2); Alyssa Bennett (6.6); Nicole Hamilton (4.7).

Assists/Turnovers: Team (12.9/14.4); Nicole Hamilton (5.3/3.9).

3-pointers: Team (.267); Olivia Allen 53; Nicole Hamilton 39.

Last Ten: 10-0.

The Skinny: The Lady Pirates have won 19 straight games and lead the nation in scoring defense (47.2 ppg); they are also third nationally in field goal defense (.316) and 3-point defense (.238). Hampton boasts the MEAC Player of the Year (Keiara Avant), the MEAC Defensive Player of the Year (Alyssa Bennett), a First Team All-MEAC selection (Nicole Hamilton), and the MEAC Coach of the Year (David Six).