Princeton's Lena Miculek wins world shotgun title


Associated Press

Posted on October 15, 2012 at 12:35 PM

PRINCETON, La. (AP) — Princeton teenager Lena Miculek picked up a world shooting title recently, which put her in the same league with her famous mother and father, Jerry and Kay Miculek.

The 17-year-old home-schooled student won the 2012 IPSC Shotgun World Championship at the Apafa Shooting Range in Debrecen, Hungary, last week by getting the best of 400 competitors from around the world.

"It was pretty awesome," said Miculek. "I got to rub it in (my parents') faces cause I won my division and they didn't. Now I have one little trophy to go with the whole room full they have."

Lena captured her first major title by winning the 30-stage Standard Lady Match in a competition that featured about 75 shots per day over six days. The youngster shot a personalized version of the Mossberg JM Pro 930 autoloader.

"I will graduate in May and I plan to go to college, but I want to have a career in shooting," Miculek said. "This was a huge step for that because it gives me credibility with sponsors."

All three Miculeks made the 17-hour flight from Shreveport to Houston to Germany to Hungary, plus a 3-hour bus ride to get to the competition site.

"Hungary was nice and very clean, compared to other countries we have been to, but it has been destroyed and taken over so many times that there isn't a lot to do there," Miculek said.

Shooting his namesake autoloader, the Mossberg 930 JM Pro Series, Jerry won the Open Senior Championship and finished fifth overall in the open match. Meanwhile, Kay Miculek was disqualified early in her competition.

"They have different rules over there," Kay Miculek said. "I pointed the nozzle of my gun toward the berm, which is apparently against the rules. I had a nice little vacation in Hungary."

That meant that mom spent the week coaching her daughter.

"I was glad she was able to be there for me," Lena Miculek said.

The teenager began shooting competitively when she was 8 years old, accumulating several area and national titles. In Hungary, she competed against women in a wide range of ages from their 20s to their late 50s. The family didn't know if Lena had won until a dinner on the final evening.

"I felt like she had done well, but they like to keep things a secret until after all the shooting is completed," Kay Miculek said. "We didn't want to get Lena's hopes up too much."

On the final day, Lena went "woman-on-woman" against the other top seven shooters in the competition.

"She won that also and we got to see her shoot in that," Kay Miculek said.

A winner of multiple world titles, Jerry Miculek began competing with Mossberg's 930 autoloading shotgun in 2010 and the company introduced his signature shotgun in 2012. The weapons are gas-operated, autoloaders designed and built for the requirements of a competitive shooter.

"On behalf of the entire Mossberg team, we want to extend our congratulations to Jerry and Lena for their accomplishments at the world championships," said Tom Taylor, Mossberg's vice president of sales and marketing, in a release.

"As a parent, I can imagine the pride that both Jerry and Kay must have felt while watching Lena take the highest honor in the Ladies' Standard Match. The Miculeks are considered by many as one of the world's best competitive shooting dynasties.

However, there is no question that Jerry, Kay and Lena are incredible ambassadors for shooting sports."


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