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It seems appropriate my job is predicting the weather after experiencing just about every type of it growing up. From the heat and storms of the south to the snow and chill of the Northeast I get a little bit of all that here in Virginia--with hurricanes thrown in for good measure.

I actually began my career armed with a journalism degree from Syracuse University. After a few years as a reporter and anchor, my eye started to drift to the weather department. It looked fascinating so I took a leap and went back to school to study meteorology. One of my proudest accomplishments is making it through all the physics, chemistry and calculus to earn my Bachelor of Science. We had rigorous education on radar and I did a research project on microbursts (which can happen here during strong storms). I then had the good fortune to land a job here at WVEC. I've covered all manner of weather in my tenure here, but probably the biggest "event" was Hurricane Isabel. I vividly remember tracking that storm as it moved inexorably closer to us.

Outside of work I enjoy taking advantage of all this area has to offer, from the history to the beaches. One other advantage of working at Channel 13: I met my husband here. Todd and I were married on a beach at the Outer Banks in October, 2009. It was close, but the weather cooperated.