What Arkansas voters had to say during election


Associated Press

Posted on November 6, 2012 at 3:06 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 6 at 3:06 PM

A collection of voter voices during the 2012 general election:


At Cabot's community center, Charles Beall said Tuesday he voted for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

"Just the way this country has gone the last four years," said Beall, 60, who works in law enforcement.

Beall said he voted for Scott Ellington, the Democrats' nominee for Congress.

"He's from an area of the state that I'm from, northeast Arkansas, and he's a prosecutor," he said.

Beall, a Republican, said he voted for the highway tax, saying it would improve safety.

"Our roads need improvement in this state," he said.


Steve Chamness, 36, a police officer who lives in Cabot, said he voted for Romney.

"The last four years haven't gone very well," he said.

Chamness said he voted straight Republican, including for U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford.

He also voted against medical marijuana.

"As a police officer, I can't see that going very well," he said.


Erin Teague, 32, who works for a law firm that specializes in debt collection, voted for Romney.

"I just don't like the way things have been going. People can't pay their bills," she said.

Teague said she voted for Republicans in all races.

"I don't like the handouts," she said. "I believe in working, earning a buck. The way it is now, it's hurting the people in the middle class that are trying to earn a living."


Michael Robinson, 47, who is retired from the military and now works as a civilian at the Little Rock Air Force Base, said he voted for President Barack Obama.

"I just think he needs more time to get everything straightened out," he said.

Robinson said he voted "mostly Republican, except for Obama."

"He had a bad start to run with. It's just going to take him more time," he said.


In Hot Springs on Monday, Robert Taylor, 34, said he voted for the president, citing his thoughtfulness.

"I like the way he's very assertive, sure of himself. He the type of person who gets the facts before he makes a decision," he said. "The other candidate ... I don't think he's very passionate."

Taylor, who works in sales, said he voted against medical marijuana.

"The vast majority of us have seen what it (marijuana) causes and what it does to people," he said.


Mike Laird, 58, who works in retail in Garland County, said he voted for Romney on Monday.

"I'm hopeful he can do a little better with foreign policy than this idiot we have now," he said, saying the U.S. shouldn't have been supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood during the revolution in Egypt.

Laird said he voted for medical marijuana.

"Absolutely. I know for a fact it works. It does help a lot of people with pain," he said.


In Lonoke, Jackie McDougal and his wife Shirley said they had long considered themselves Democrats but now consider themselves independent. They voted for Romney this year after voting for Republican nominee John McCain in 2008.

"We're retired and we're concerned about Medicare and the health care thing," Shirley McDougal, 67, said Monday. "I think a lot of people are confused about it."