Beach police meet with business owners ahead of Spring break


by 13News Now

Posted on February 20, 2014 at 6:11 AM

Updated Saturday, Feb 22 at 6:11 AM

UPDATE 2/20: Police met with business owners Thursday for the first of two safety meetings. They discussed plans to police the Oceanfront during spring break and the summer season.

Police Chief Jim Cervera says he does not want a repeat of last year's violence during College Weekend.

"We are going to make sure that doesn't happen again," Cervera said.

Click here to read/download the police department's presentation given at the meeting.

A second meeting is set for next Thursday, February 27, at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. It starts at 2 p.m.


VIRGINIA BEACH -- It's been almost a year since the rowdy college beach weekend at the Oceanfront.
Shootings, robberies and even a stabbing occurred last April when college students visited the Oceanfront for a series of organized, yet in many cases unsanctioned, parties.
This year, the police department is taking measures months in advance to prevent the chaos from happening again.
Police heads from the 2nd precinct sent a letter to business owners at the Oceanfront last week, encouraging them to attend informational meetings ahead of "week 17."
Motel manager Samir Chokshi received the letter from the Virginia Beach Hotel and Motel Association.
"I'm happy that they're thinking of it this year," said Chokshi. "The beginning of last season we lost some business because of that."
Some business owners say there will be a meeting as early as next week.  However, based on the letter obtained by 13News Now, police officials plan to have it on Tuesday, February 27 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center at 2 p.m.