Follow a colonoscopy screening; read colon health web chat


by Shelly Wilford,

Posted on March 31, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Updated Monday, Mar 31 at 6:27 PM

VIRGINIA BEACH --  Bill Holloway is not your typical colonoscopy candidate - he's only 41 years old. But Bill's dad died at age 43 from complications of colon cancer, so preventative screenings were recommended for Bill at a much younger age.  

Bill's first screening was in 2008. On Monday, Bill underwent his second routine screening.

A husband and father to two young sons, Bill believes that preventive health and screening tests are just one way to ensure that he is around as they grow up.  
"I'm getting screened and staying healthy for my wife and children.  Not just my own personal health but to be around for my family, to watch them grow old and to be a part of their life for a long time," Bill said. 
Bill has agreed to share his story and allow 13News Now to follow his screening experience  to promote this important preventative health measure.
Bill hopes that by sharing his story and his experience, it will help raise awareness and, hopefully, prompt others to get a colonoscopy screening. 
"For those who think this procedure is painful, I can can tell them that it is not.  You are completely out the entire time.  The alternative is much harder to swallow than having to deal with this for a very short period of time.  A day or two," Bill said.   "I would tell anyone who was nervous or hesitant about getting a colonoscopy that the alternative is much worse.” 

Dr. William G. Rudolph with Sentara Medical Group and Dr. Smith hosted a live chat and answered many questions regarding colonoscopy screening and colon health.    

Colon Cancer Facts:
  • Hampton Roads has some of the worst death rates in Virginia for colon cancer
  • Colon cancer is the second leading overall cause of cancer deaths in both men and women in the United States
  • Colon Cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer
  • Both men and women are at equal risk of diagnosis

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