Does it Work? InstaHang


by Sandra Parker

Posted on April 10, 2012 at 10:17 AM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 23 at 11:49 AM

What is it? a picture-hanging tool with a built-in bubble level

What does it claim? to be a secure way to hang anything in seconds.

Who tested it?  Virginia Beach Resident Michelle Weiner, who loves to change her decor every three months or so. That includes rehanging all her pictures.

What Are The Instructions? The first thing you need to do to get started is squeeze the cover at the three dots on the side and slide it to reveal the storage compartment.  Then place your accessories that come with the InstaHang into the storage compartment.  There is a spot for each of them.  To load the peg strip for use, turn the spring-loaded end cap counterclockwise to remove and slide the remaining peg strip into the compartment.  The peg strip must be angled in the same direction as the peg icon at the end of the device.  Next, replace the end cap and turn it clockwise to lock it into place.  Now you're ready to start hanging.

Place your InstaHang tool flush against the wall and use the built-in bubble level to adjust for straightness.  Push down forcefully on the grey button to dispense peg into wall.  To remove a peg from the wall, line the removal notch up with the peg and pull away from the wall.

It's important that used pegs cannot be reinserted in the InstaHang tool and reused. 

Also, each peg only holds up to 10 pounds.

Did it work? Weiner really liked the built-in bubble level. She says she usually just eyeballs her pictures then hangs them.  With InstaHang, she could hang things with confidence knowing they're straight. 

That said, there were a few things about InstaHang that she didn't like.  First off, Weiner didn't like the grey color of the peg.  With as big as they are, when they're not hiding behind a picture, they're going to show.  She says the pegs really stand out if they don't match your wall color.

She also said the size of the pegs made it difficult for some of the decorations to sit flush against the wall. 

She also can't hang some of the items she has because they're heavier than 10 pounds.

When we asked her "Does it Work?"  she said yes.   She would use it maybe in the closet to hang small items or even in the garage because she thinks the pegs are "manly looking" and would work best there.

Cost/Availability?  You can purchase InstaHang at Rite Aid $14.99.  Refills can be purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $5.99