Joe's Job: Busch Gardens Landscaper


by Joe Flanagan, 13News Now

Posted on June 25, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 25 at 5:51 PM

WILLIAMSBURG -- There are 30 full-time workers in the landscaping department at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.

My crew was planting new flowers near the Festhaus.

Supervisor Jason Camper got a horticulture degree from Virginia Tech and has been at Busch Gardens for 12 years. He heads up a team that's responsible for 14,000 plants across the 250-acre park. 

For 24 straight years, the crew has helped Busch Gardens earn the title "World's Most Beautiful Theme Park" and they take great pride in that.

"It's a good service job and to be able to make everything beautiful for our guests is great," said landscaping crew member Ashley Miller.

I was cleaning out beds near Machtower and trimming topiary behind the Festhaus.

"I love Busch Gardens.  I used to come over here as a guest, like 100 times a season. I'd just walk around and admire the flower beds.  So, now, I was able to get a job -- so life is perfect," said landscaping crew member Fred Bowman.

What kind of hours do they put in?

"In the summer?  Well today was 5 to 1:30.  But usually right now it's 6 to 2:30," said Linda Kovtun.

The next time you go to Busch Gardens or Water Country give a nod to the hardworking landscaping crews.