Super Bowl Ads: Winners and Losers

Super Bowl Ads: Winners and Losers

Super Bowl Ads: Winners and Losers


by Frank Mungeam, Staff

Posted on February 3, 2014 at 4:16 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 4 at 6:11 AM

It was not just a Super Bowl for the football teams. It was also the biggest battle of the year for advertisers. 

This year's Super Bowl featured everything from an amorous bull going on a hot date to David Beckham losing his shorts. There was a hoard of muscle men bearing down on a tanning salon that made its website using GoDaddy, and this year's Budweiser Clydesdale heart-tugger, this time with a puppy added in.

Bob Dylan extolled Made in America while U2 offered a free song download, with the proceeds going to combat AIDS. Cars and electronics - from internet to cell phones to tablets - vied for the hearts and wallets of consumers.

For the 2014 Super Bowl, 9 cities across the U.S. partnered with Portland-based Dialsmith to give their news website viewers the chance to "rate the ads" moment by moment, and compare their ratings to other viewers. 

By the end of the Super Bowl, more than 25,000 votes had already been cast by people who viewed and rated the ads.

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Here were the winners and losers of the Super Bowl of Ads, based on those who voted using Slidermetrix:

• More than 27,000 unique ratings

• Avg mean across all ads: 55.52


o Budweiser “Hero’s Welcome” (71.4)

o Budweiser “Puppy Love” (69.0)

o Microsoft “Empowering” (59.8) (note: only 78 ratings)


o CarMax “Slow Clap” (45.5) (note: only 66 ratings)

o GoDaddy “Bodybuilder” (49.6)

o Squarespace “A Better Web Awaits” (50.3)

Super Second (the most popular second of a commercial:

o “Hero’s Welcome” (soldier hugging his mom)


o “Puppy Love” (puppy reunited with Clydesdale)



• Funny ads that performed well

o Doritos “Cowboy Kid” (60.3) (note: only 69 ratings)

o Toyota “No Room for Boring” (Muppet ad) (58.7)

o Audi “Doberhuahua” (57.4)


• Summary :

o Ads that perform well show lines that continue to trend upwards from start to finish

o Ads that don’t perform well show mostly flatlining or very subtle decline


Voting will continue through Monday. Check back for updated results.