Portsmouth council votes to restrict dog tethering in the city



Posted on September 25, 2012 at 8:15 AM

Updated Wednesday, Sep 26 at 7:47 AM

PORTSMOUTH -- Council voted Tuesday night to amend its ordinance regarding tethering of dogs in the city.

On a vote of 7-0, the council made it unlawful for any dog to be tethered for more than 3 consecutive hours within a 24 hour period.

Dog owners have strong opinions about chaining their dogs up.
"Some people look at dogs like, oh it's just an animal but they got feelings too," said Joann Cuffee.
One dog owner, Kathy Simms, says that depending on the situation, tethering makes sense.
"We have a neighbor behind us that his dog jumps the fence so he has to keep him tied up. Takes him in at night time, takes him in in the rain you know."
Others say tethering is cruel.
PETA organized to try and change the law in Portsmouth.
In early September, a vote was delayed so that the issue could be studied further.
"Sometimes it takes the public action to bring issues to the forefront," said Bill Moody of the Portsmouth City Council.
In July, Hampton Officials voted against tethering of any kind, and Virginia Beach and Norfolk already have an ordinance that limits tethering to three hours per day.
Moody likes the idea of a limit. He says he's drafted a revised version of Portsmouth's current ordinance to put a three hour restriction on tying up your dog.