Officer-involved shootings in Norfolk up this year


by 13News Now

Posted on August 3, 2014 at 11:26 AM

Updated Monday, Aug 4 at 5:27 PM

Officer-involved shooting

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8/4 UPDATE: Norfolk Police checked records for officer-involved shootings in the last several years.
There was one officer-involved shooting in 2012 and 3 for 2013, said Officer Daniel Hudson.
“They are all unfortunate incidents that law enforcement have to use force,” he stated.
Meantime, the victim in Sunday's shooting remains hospitalized.
NORFOLK -- 24-year-old Jasmine Glespie remained in the hospital Sunday night after, police said, she hit a pedestrian with her car then drove that car towards an officer who ended up shooting her.

Corporal Melinda Wray with Norfolk Police Department said the incident took place shortly after midnight near the 8600 block of Glen Myrtle Avenue in Glenwood Park.
An officer went to Breezy Point Apartments and saw several people standing around a black sedan.
Police said Glespie was in the sedan and tried to leave, hitting a woman who was on foot. The officer told her to stop the car and tried to remove Glespie from it. Glespie allegedly tried to get away, driving in the direction of the officer and other people. The officer fired his gun, hitting Glespie.
"She deserved to get shot. That's plain and simple," said Eric Drew, who lives in the apartments. "You don't drive at a police officer, and tells her to stop, get on the ground."
Paramedics took the 24-year-old to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital with non life-threatening injuries. A female passenger wasn't hurt, but she was taken to the hospital for an unrelated medical condition. 
The pedestrian who Glespie supposedly hit went to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital for a non-life threatening injury.
The officer involved wasn't hurt.
"There have been a lot of officer-involved shootings lately," noted Shawntee Cousins. "It doesn’t surprise me that they shot at her. I don’t understand why officers not, are not shooting at the tire or something that is non- threatening.”
In May, Officer Brian Jones and 17-year-old Mark Rodriguez died as the result of an incident involving James Brown. Police said things started when Brown began driving around part of the city, shooting out of his car. Another officer eventually killed Brown.
On June 4, an officer shot  72-year-old Lawrence Faine at Calvary Towers. Police said Faine pulled a knife while the officer was trying to help execute an emergency custody order. Faine died.
Two days later, an officer shot and killed David Latham who had a knife when police responded to a call on West 30-th Street. Latham's family said he was bi-polar and suffered from schizophrenia.
Glespie faces charges of Malicious Wounding, Attempted Malicious Wounding, and Felony Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer.