Odd weather brings pleasure for some; headaches for others


by Joe Flanagan


Posted on December 22, 2013 at 6:51 PM

Updated Sunday, Dec 22 at 7:17 PM

It was a December day to remember in Hampton Roads as the mercury climbed into the upper seventies. And to think Christmas is just days away.

It was great for the players at Lake Wright on this balmy Sunday.

"You know - December - this time of year - you never get to have a short sleeve day. So we’re just enjoying it. It's just great. Beautiful," commented golfer Rick Brown.

And, great for the cash registers at golf courses and other outdoor businesses.

"And Christmas is right around the corner.  I’m from Chicago and I’m not used to this.  I’m used to looking at a foot of snow,” added Lake Wright golf pro Brian Bayer.

That's exactly why the Hannah family had their flight cancelled through Detroit.  What did the airline tell them?

"Well, not much. The de-icer didn't work and that's vital in a flight, so we have to switch airlines," said traveler Charlotte Hannah.

Holiday travelers leaving Hampton Roads through Norfolk International Airport had some headaches to look forward to.  Conditions have been horrible in Oklahoma City where the Fraile family was headed.

"Yeah. It's a sheet of ice.  The cars are covered in ice.  The roads are OK but we ‘ll find out when we get back," said Michele Fraile.

 Amy Van Roekel performed with the Virginia Symphony Saturday night. Now she’s off to Michigan.

"Cold.  Snow.”We asked her if that was good. “Oh, for Christmas, yeah," added Van Roekel.

So what did golfer Jamie Farrington think of the weather?  "Phenomenal. It doesn't feel like Christmas to a point, but it's great for the golfers," he said.