21 Norfolk firefighters join roster be honored at Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial


by 13News Now


Posted on July 9, 2014 at 2:10 PM

RICHMOND –- Virginia Public Safety Foundation announced an additional 25 Virginia heroes to be honored at the Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial upon its completion.

Now totaling 868 names of men and women who have died in the line of duty, the roster will be engraved on the memorial when it is constructed at Capitol Square in Richmond beginning this month.

The roster of 25 names released today is comprised primarily of Norfolk firefighters, whose cases were still being researched at the time of the release of the initial roster in December 2012. Many local and state agencies continue to invest in carefully identifying cases eligible for inclusion at the memorial.

“As we prepare to begin construction of the Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial, I am mindful of how many Virginians impacted by line of duty deaths have been waiting for this moment, including so many families in my home of Norfolk,” said Paula Miller, VPSF President and Public Information Officer for Norfolk Sheriff’s Office. “The memorial will honor more Norfolk public safety officers—both police and firefighters—than those representing any other locality in Virginia.”

For more information on VPSF, the Line of Duty Death Roster, or the Memorial Fund, call 804-648-6299x1004 or visit www.vpsf.org. 

Edward P. Anderson                  Norfolk Fire Department           2/26/1919
Wesley Erwin Barber, Sr.            Norfolk Fire Department           1/16/1975                        
Thomas A. Barrett                   Norfolk Fire Department           3/21/1899        
Edward Deal Bell                    Norfolk Fire Department           5/28/1969
Lloyd Munford Chick                 Norfolk Fire Department           1/27/1936
Robert Davis Fentress               Norfolk Fire Department           4/11/1939
Charles Byron Fisher                Norfolk Fire Department          10/28/1982
Richard Ried Gaylord                Norfolk Fire Department           6/30/1919
Milton Ambrose Gregory, Jr.         Norfolk Fire Department           6/30/1919
Allen Clifton Harris                Norfolk Fire Department          12/25/1943
Leo George Harris                   Norfolk Fire Department          12/25/1955
Edward Davis Hodges                 Norfolk Fire Department          12/12/1910
Grattan C. Landes                   Harrisonburg Fire Department     12/14/1924
Charles Andrew McCoy                Norfolk Fire Department            1/1/1918
William H. Nelson                   Norfolk Fire Department            1/4/1918
Frank Clark Petty                   Norfolk Fire Department           1/17/1942
Thomas Wilson Sanderlin, Jr.        Norfolk Fire Department           4/11/1951
William Paul Sanderlin              Norfolk Fire Department           9/27/1933
Henry Milton Seaton                 Middleburg Police Department      12/2/1899
Gary Frank Spillars                 Fairfax County Police Department 10/30/1986
Vernon Earl Stant, Sr.              Norfolk Fire Department           2/17/1971
Hardy Claxton Summerlin             Norfolk Fire Department            3/6/1972
Charles E. Thomas                   Norfolk Fire Department          11/27/1949
Harry Martin Thomas                 Norfolk Fire Department           6/27/1941
Raymond Robert Tysinger             Harrisonburg Fire Department       9/5/1950