Newport News woman sentenced for her role in 2008 gang killing


Associated Press

Posted on February 6, 2014 at 5:35 PM

Updated Friday, Feb 7 at 10:40 AM

UPDATE 2/6: Tayvonna Licorish, 26, of Newport News was sentenced Thursday to thirty-three months in prison for her part in the 2008 murder of Jonte Terry, in the K-mart parking lot located at Oriana Drive in Newport News. 

Licorish was with Jarvis and their child at the time of the shooting and witnesses told agents that Licorish was driving the car as the victim tried to flee.

Licorish admitted to a number of witnesses that she was present when Jarvis shot Jonte Terry multiple times. 

UPDATE:  Aronte D. Jarvis was sentenced Friday  to life in prison for the 2008 murder of Jonte Terry in the Kmart parking lot located at Oriana Drive in Newport News.

NEWPORT NEWS (AP) -- A federal grand jury has indicted a Newport News man on charges that he killed another man as part of his initiation into a gang. His former girlfriend is charged with being an accessory to the murder.

Federal prosecutors said Monday 25-year-old Aronte Jarvis faces a possible death sentence if convicted of the charges, which include murder in aid of racketeering and drug conspiracy.

Jarvis' former girlfriend, 24-year-old Tayvonna Licorish, faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Prosecutors claim Jarvis shot 22-year-old Jonte Terry in a Kmart parking lot in Newport News in February 2008 in order to gain entrance into the "Thug Relations" gang.

Indictments from Oct. 10 were unsealed Friday.

It was not immediately clear whether Jarvis or Licorish had attorneys.