Hampton tornado victims dealing with major damage


by Angela Bohon


Posted on June 6, 2012 at 3:51 PM

HAMPTON -- People were still cleaning up damage Sunday from the tornado that struck Hampton Friday night, causing $4.3 million worth of damage.

Some Merrimac Shores residents recalled the moments when the tornado hit.

"I heard the roar coming from somewhere back over here and the winds.  I could see things going around," said Karen Detweiler.

"My mom looked out and saw my neighbor's truck actually move about 15 feet, and she was like 'okay get the dogs let's find a place to hide,'" said Angelica Covington.

More than 300 homes in Hampton were damaged, and clean-up went on all weekend.

Covington was one of many residents with major repair jobs that needed to be done.

"My side fence has fallen down, probably going to have to re-do our shed out there so...it's pretty traumatic," said Covington.

The Merrimac Shores and Park Place neighborhoods were hit particularly hard.

"We lived through it. We're blessed that nothing was completely damaged and we still have our house and our pets," said Covington

"There's a lot of houses that have porches gone and siding gone and big holes in the roof and chimneys gone and all of that but everybody's safe," said Detweiler.

13News has been told that bulk trash pickup will begin first thing Monday morning.

Residents are asked to separate tree debris from other materials.