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Virginia Beach Eye Center

Virginia Beach Eye Center
465 North Great Neck Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
Hours of Operation
  • Monday9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Tuesday9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Wednesday9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Thursday9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Friday9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday9:00am - 5:00pm
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Virginia Beach Eye Center Can Help You See What You’ve Been Missing!

Our Mission Is Your Vision

Since its founding by Dr. Samuel Garrett in 1991, Virginia Beach Eye Center has evolved into a premier eye care center of excellence for South Hampton Roads. From the moment you walk in, you'll feel the personal touch of our friendly, experienced professional team of highly skilled doctors and staff. You can relax knowing you will receive the comprehensive, state-of-the-art eye care you want and the personal attention you deserve.

Our 12,000 square-foot, full-service eye center at 465 N. Great Neck Road is the first state-licensed, Medicare-certified and AAAHC-accredited ambulatory surgery facility in southeastern Virginia.

Our Practice

Twenty years ago, Dr. Samuel Garrett, founder and president of Virginia Beach Eye Center, had the vision to create a world class, full-service ophthalmology practice where patients receive the most technologically advanced medical and surgical eye care available, from a team of highly qualified, caring professionals.

That vision has evolved into Southside Hampton Roads honored and well-respected eye care center of excellence.

Virginia Beach Eye Center houses all the components of a state-of-the-art eye care facility, including the first state-licensed, Medicare certified and AAAHC accredited institution devoted exclusively to eye surgery in southeastern Virginia. This means that you need to look no further: whether you need eyeglasses or contact lenses, medical or surgical care for eye diseases, or advanced refractive surgical procedures, Virginia Beach Eye Center is here for you.

We have an excellent, experienced staff with all eye care professionals represented; including board certified ophthalmologist, optometrist, and opticians, certified ophthalmic medical technologists and technicians, registered nurses and certified registered nurse anesthetists.

Our Philosophy

At Virginia Beach Eye Center, every member of our team is dedicated to providing superb patient care while treating you as an individual and our valued customer. We want you to feel that you have friends in the eye care business and that you can trust us with all your eye care needs from eye exams, glasses and contact lenses to complex medical, surgical and refractive care.

Our doctors' goals are to achieve the optimal outcome for each patient.

You can rest assured that we will recommend and perform the procedure or course of treatment that is best for you, not what is most profitable or convenient for us.

  • We take the time to discuss the surgical options available and then tailor a surgical plan for each patient's unique lifestyle.
  • We use the latest pre-op diagnostic testing to insure that there are no contraindications to the proposed procedure.
  • Every post-operative patient is seen at each exam by the operating surgeon who is uniquely qualified to handle any post-op concerns (not a surrogate, such as an optometrist, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner.)

Meet Our Doctors

Samuel N. Garrett, MD

Founder and President of Virginia Beach Eye Center, is a recognized leader in the Hampton Roads medical community, where he is known as a "physicians' physician" because he cares for such a large number of the area's doctors and their families. Dr. Garrett is also consistently named one of the region's top ophthalmologists by his peers and was featured in the "Top Docs Hall of Fame." Dr. Garrett has led in bringing advanced vision-enhancing technology to Hampton Roads, and has provided humanitarian service in eye surgery both locally and on international missions (read more here)

Christopher J. Kurz, MD

Recently joining Virginia Beach Eye Center, doctor of ophthalmology, Christopher Kurz M.D has joined the team after dedicated service as a flight surgeon, field surgeon, field surgeon, instructor and international humanitarian mission leader in the United States Air Force. He holds awards for medical service with operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Dr. Kurz brings advanced skills including those of refractive laser surgery, intraocular lens implantation, corneal transplants and cataract extraction. (read more here)

Joy Tomko, OD

Dr. Joy Tomko is our licensed therapeutic optometrist. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and attended Pennsylvania College of Optometry where she received her Doctor of Optometry Degree. She has extensive training in the treatment of eye disease, along with pediatric vision and low vision. (read more here)

Laser Vision Correction

Your decision to have laser or surgical vision correction is a very important, life-changing issue that should be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. It is important to choose a practice, doctor and procedure that emphasizes safety and quality.

There are two types or refractive surgery utilizing the excimer laser to re-shape the cornea in order to improve vision without glasses or contacts. They are LASIK and the NuSite™ procedure, the newest form of surface ablation (older surface procedures went by several different names including: PRK, LASEK, epi-LASIK or "Supralase"). These procedures can correct nearsightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism.

Nusite™ Advanced Surface Ablation, a newer form of PRK, utilizes a proprietary combination of a novel method of epithelial removal utilizing a epikeratome customized laser ablation and more reliable techniques of topical and oral pharmacotherapy, advanced contact lens treatment and chilling the cornea immediately post-laser to achieve a more comfortable post-operative experience than traditional PRK and the fastest healing time of all surface procedures.

Here at Virginia Beach Eye Center, NuSite™ is our procedure of choice. There are less complications both pre and post-operatively and all studies show a tendency towards better visual acuity results and better visual quality results compared with LASIK. The NuSite procedure does not significantly weaken the cornea, eliminating the possibility of long term biomechanical destabilization of the cornea (thinning or steeping). There is also less risk of eye trauma causing serious complications since there is no flap to potentially dislodge-associated with all LASIK procedures.

We do offer patients LASIK who want this technique in order to minimize their down time with surgery. This could be, for example, a business owner who cannot afford to be out of work for a few days for his cornea to recover from NuSite™ surgery. So, for patients whose main criterion is speed of recovery in choosing their desired procedure, LASIK may be the right choice. Despite the extra risk involved in making a flap with LASIK, the overwhelming majority of patients have great visual results with this technique as well!

Advanced Vision Analysis & Treatment Technology

Our Advanced Vision Analysis and Treatment Technology helps insure great outcomes!

Every refractive surgery patient undergoes an in-depth analysis of their visual system including a thorough ocular and medical history, a comprehensive ophthalmologic examination, and precise measurements of the unique characteristics of your eyes using sophisticated computerized instrumentation. This information is analyzed and then converted via millions of calculation into a treatment algorithm designed especially for your eyes! Our technology includes: (read more here)

Virginia Beach Eye Center offers FREE screenings for any patient interested in seeing if they're a candidate for laser vision correction! Call 757.481.5555.

Procedures and Services Overview

Personalized care and the surgical techniques that are right for you!

At Virginia Beach Eye Center, you will receive personal attention and a complete vision analysis to determine which surgical procedure is right for you.

The surgeons and doctors at Virginia Beach Eye Center have extensive experience with a full range of ophthalmic procedures and services including:

Cataract Surgery Corneal Transplantation
Glaucoma Treatment Refractive Surgery
Eyelid Plastic Surgery Ocular Infections
Inflammatory Eye Diseases Diabetes
Retinal Diseases Macular Degeneration
Dry Eyes Contact Lens Fitting

You can relax knowing that you are in the hands of highly experienced surgeons employing the very latest techniques. Our on-site surgical facility was designed with your comfort, convenience and safety in mind and houses some of the finest surgical equipment in the ophthalmic world, all to insure that your surgical results and experience are world class.

Charitable Works

Eye for an Eye: Virginia Beach Eye Center's Sight-Saving Mission

Ophthalmologist and founder of Virginia Beach Eye Center, Dr. Samuel Garrett has dedicated his practice and talents to medical missionary work. His recent travels to Mombasa, Kenya to perform sight-saving surgeries on the poor, has inspired him to start a new mission here at Virginia Beach Eye Center. The "Eye for an Eye" cataract mission will provide people in developing countries the much needed supplies for cataract surgery. The phrase is literally an Eye for an Eye- for every cataract surgery performed here at Virginia Beach Eye Center; We will donate 20 dollars to cover the cost of all materials needed to perform manual small incision cataract surgery in a third world country. In the United States several hundred dollars worth of disposable supplies and medication are needed for cataract surgery. However, in developing countries 20 dollars can buy all the supplies and medications needed to perform a simpler manual cataract extraction.

In developing countries like Africa, 50% of avoidable blindness is caused by cataracts. In fact, it is estimated that 20 million people world-wide are blind from cataracts. Cataracts, easily treated here in the United States, pose a huge threat to those in developing countries where surgical services and supplies are inadequate. In the third world, cataract is a fatal disease with patients dying more than 10 years earlier then those cured with cataracts. By donating these cataract surgery eye kits, medical practitioners will be provided all the surgical tools needed to perform this sight-saving surgery. The kits will include all pre-operative drops, irrigating fluid, lens implant, eye drapes, eye shields, intraocular injections, and all post-operative drops needed after surgery.

"I use to think I could stay right here at home and because I was helping people; that was enough. I don't think that anymore" says Dr. Garrett. Donating funds through "Eye for an Eye" will allow Dr. Garrett to have a continual impact on patients in developing countries who suffer from cataracts. Patients having surgery here at Virginia Beach Eye Center will also have the opportunity to participate by donating funds to the program directly for the patient's second eye surgery.

Virginia Beach Eye Center will be working with Lighthouse for Christ, a non-denominational charity eye center and mission dedicated to curing physical and spiritual blindness to people in Kenya, Africa. More than 30,000 patients are seen each year at the Lighthouse for Christ Eye Centre and in their Mobile Eye Camps. The cataract kits will be donated to Lighthouse for Christ, in hopes to help preventable blindness in Africa.

You do not have to be a patient to get involved. For anyone that is interested in helping support "Eye for an Eye," donations can be made payable to Lighthouse for Christ. For more information you can visit www.vbeye.com and www.lighthouseforchrist.org or stop by our office and ask how you can help give the gift of sight to a patient in need.

Dr. Garrett, Dr. Kurz and Dr. Tomko- (Read more here)

Every refractive surgery patient undergoes an in-depth analysis of their visual system including a thorough ocular and medical history, a comprehensive ophthalmologic examination, and precise measurements of the unique characteristics of your eyes using sophisticated computerized instrumentation. This information is analyzed and then converted via millions of calculation into a treatment algorithm designed especially for your eyes! Our technology includes: (read more here)
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