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Gault Electric is a company you can count on for prompt and reliable service.
Founded in 1995, the company takes pride in its high standards and its dedication to courteous service and client satisfaction.
"Quality products and quality work - it's the only way to do the job right.  And it's the only way we do the job at Gault Electric!"  This high level of professional integrity has earned Gault Electric its well-deserved reputation for excellence and its continuing client-to-client referrals.

  • From Premier Roofing

    What Are The Chances Of Having A Problem With My New Roof?

    Based on state-of-the-art manufacturing process, the odds of having a problem with a new roof are minuscule. On the other hand, while serious problems with roofing materials are rare, it can be as expensive to fix. If you do not experience problem in the first 30-60 days you should expect your roof meet or exceed it warranted life.

  • From Gault Electric LLC

    Does Gault Electric work on older homes?

    Yes. We are specialized in working on older homes. Most of our electricians have been in the trade 10-25 years and have knowledge of wealth and expertise. We also have the knowledge and expertise of knob tube wiring, BX, and low-voltage style wiring systems. Please note: older homes sometimes do pose problems because of lead paint (Gault Electric is EPA Lead Certified) and the inability to get parts (older fuse boxes, aluminum wired homes from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.)

  • From Gault Electric LLC

    Does Gault Electric install kitchen appliances?

    Yes. With remodeling becoming more popular every day, you can give your kitchen a new makeover by simply changing the appliances. Gault Electric will help with the removal, measurements, and installation of your new appliances.

  • From Franklin & Franklin

    Should My Doctor File with My Health Insurance Plan?

    Anytime you have treatment with a participating provider, you should make sure to present your health insurance card for payment. Some providers will ask you to sign "an Assignment of Benefits" instead (see below). This is a legal document that allows the provider to collect 100% of their bill from your accident settlement; thus, reducing your portion of the settlement. If you are at a provider's office who refuses to bill your health insurance, and they are a participating provider, please contact our office immediately.

  • From Gault Electric LLC

    Will Gault Electric wire a generator that I purchased?

    Yes. We have had customers in the past who have bought their generators via internet or box-store. We will gladly install, service, and maintain any generator.