Eaglets to move into new enclosure today

eaglets after examination at Waynesboro

Credit: Amanda Nicholson, Wildlife Center of Virginia

The eaglets will soon be in their new nest.



Posted on January 18, 2012 at 4:30 PM

WAYNESBORO -- The three eaglets moved from Norfolk Botanical Garden could be in their new enclosure Friday afternoon.

They were transferred from their nest after a plane landing at Norfolk International on Tuesday morning killed the mother.

A post on the Wildlife Center of Virginia's Website says the eaglets were resting comfortably this morning.

The center received 84 pounds of fish early Friday -- enough to feed the youngsters and the center's other Bald Eagle patients -- for the coming months.

The bird strike caused damage to the landing gear of the US Airways flight, operated by Air Wisconsin.

A post on a US Airways Facebook page indicates the company will make a donation for the eaglets' care.

"We’d like to update everyone on the mother eagle & her eaglets. On 4/26, US Airways Express 4091, operated by Air Wisconsin, struck an eagle while landing in ORF. The crew was unable to avoid the eagle without risking the safety of the passengers & crew onboard. Rest assured the eaglets will be taken care of; Air Wisconsin is making a donation for their ongoing support & care."

Meantime, the Native American drum group Four Rivers Drum will play a memorial concert Sunday in tribute to the female eagle.

The event is at 10:30 a.m. in the Matson Garden area at the garden.

The group will perform an "Eagle Calling Song," memorial songs to the female eagle and other selections to honor the male eagle.