Eagle Cam FAQ


by Pete McElveen, WVEC.com


To view Eagle Cam, you will need a current version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer and a broadband Internet connection. We also recommend turning off ad-blockers when trying to view Eagle Cam.

Start your browsing session by going to wvec.com/eaglecam

Where do I get Adobe Flash Player? 
If your browser does not automatically prompt you to install this plug-in, you may download it free from Adobe.

Why does the video look jumpy/jerky?
As we have upgraded to higher resolution cameras, we have found that improving the quality of images does not come without challenges. We have made the decision to launch in January rather than delay viewing while utility upgrades proceed.  We will continue to work on improving the quality of the stream to smooth the video and make other improvements as the season progresses.

Why don't I hear any sound?
We're still working on adding the audio and hope it's available soon.

Will the camera be on at night?
Yes, the camera will stream 24/7 with IR vision at night.

Can I leave the stream running continuously?
The video will time out after 30 minutes and the page will reload. To re-start the video, hit the "play" icon on the video player. You may need to refresh the page.

Why do I sometimes get an advertisement when the video starts?
Advertising revenue supports the Eagle Cam project and helps defray the expenses of streaming live video to a mass audience. Please support Eagle Cam by thanking our sponsors. WVEC does not accept donations from the public. Individuals wishing to support Eagle Cam should contact Norfolk Botanical Garden.

I get a red error message when I hit the play button
Some users have reported they can often fix this problem by doing a hard refresh on the page (CTRL-F5) or by closing the page and re-launching it. Another tip is to make sure the page has fully loaded before hitting the PLAY button on the video player. Also, try waiting til the video stream has started before opening the moderated blog.

Why does the video sometimes go offline?
Eagle Cam may experience occasional outages. The camera is monitored and when an outage occurs, every effort will be made to restore the feed as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience during these situations. Once the video is restored, you will have to refresh your browser to re-start the video. Hit the F5 key or the "refresh" button on your browser..  

I can see Eagle Cam on my home computer but I can't see it at work
Some corporate and government networks block streaming video.

Can WVEC help me get the Eagle Cam working on my computer?

Unfortunately we cannot provide that level of user support. Everyone's system is different and we are not able to troubleshoot individual users' technical issues.

Where else can I view the Eagle Cam live video?

Currently, the only place to view Eagle Cam live video is on WVEC.com. Other platforms and distribution methods are in the works. Unauthorized use of Eagle Cam video constitutes copyright infringement which is punishable by law.