Prosecution: Daughter admits helping mother kill grandmother in 2005


by By 13News

Posted on June 10, 2009 at 4:03 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 30 at 3:28 PM

NEWPORT NEWS - A woman and her daughter accused of murder were granted bond Thursday but will have to wear ankle monitoring devices, the Newport News juvenile Court judge ordered.

However, prosecutors are appealing that decision.

Mary Pat Telstad, 43, and Morgan Telstad, 23, are charged with the April 2005 death of their mother/grandmother Nancy Telstad, 69.

Initially, investigators believed she died of natural causes in her home on Normandy Lane, but a tip made police look again at the case.

The two were arrested last Friday.

13News reporter Velma Scaife attended Thursday's bond hearing, where the prosecution said Morgan Telstad confessed to helping her mother with the killing.

According to a detective on the case, the victim was given a dose of Ambien that was not prescribed for her. Then Mary Pat put a pillow over her face to smother her while Morgan held down her legs down, he told the court.

Video: Newoprt News police to examine remains of 4 year-old murder victim

The detective also stated the two were arrested after someone overheard Mary Pat on the phone talking to Morgan about needing to get rid of the Mary Pat's husband, just like they had Nancy.

Last week, Mr. Telstad told 13News his wife suffered "total depression" at the time of her death.

Neither woman spoke in court. Their attorneys said they were not flight risks and that their father/grandfather doesn't feel threatened by them and wants them both free.

The appeal of bond hearing has not be set. Meantime, preliminary hearings are scheduled for July 30, according to the Newport News Commonwealth's Attorney office.

Telstad's remains are scheduled to exhumed for re-examination.

No motive has been released by police.