Norfolk students spend day with 'Uncle Pete'


Posted on May 27, 2009 at 4:06 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 30 at 1:24 PM

NORFOLK -- Pete Decker is a well-known attorney in Norfolk. One day each year for the ten years, he's known as "Uncle Pete" to a couple hundred elementary school students.

Their reward for improving their grades is day off and lunch.

Decker's message is the same: Hard work will be rewarded. It's about encouraging students to achieve and succeed.

Video: Norfolk students spend day with 'Uncle Pete'

"These kids, once they passed this one time, 95% will not fail again until they graduate. And some of our kids ten years ago that started have now graduated and are in college," Decker says proudly.

Judge Tom Shadrick of Virginia Beach is involved, too.

"No matter what background, no matter whether they have one parent, two parents, no parents or live in the projects or an apartment or whatever, they can do it if they apply themselves. If they're not lazy, if they do their homework, they can fulfill their dreams and be what they want to be in this country," Judge Shadrick adds.

It's a lesson students say is well worth learning.

"In the first quarter, I had an E in math and now I have an A. I got all of that because my teacher helped me," says Alexus Robinson.

Robert Mawyer says studying paid off.

"I had all C's and now I have two B's and three C's," he states.

The students also toured Nauticus the National Maritime Center and the Battleship Wisconsin in downtown Norfolk.