Norfolk homeowners to pay more for trash pick-up


Posted on May 12, 2009 at 3:35 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 30 at 1:23 PM

NORFOLK -- Norfolk said yes today and Chesapeake will consider tpnight raising fees for taking trash from your home or business.

The increases would help the , which is still struggling financially.

Tuesday afternoon, Norfolk City Council unanimously approved raising the residential garbage collection fee by $10.10 per month to $27.01 each month.

Wardell Mills isn't happy about that.

Video: Norfolk raising trash hauling fees

"It's hard because I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income," he said.

Norfolk businesses will pay $59 a month and, if they use trash service five days a week, that rate jumped to $146 a month.

Tonight, the Chesapeake City Council will vote on a plan to raise the trash collection rate by $3 each month. Right now, residents in Chesapeake do not pay a monthly trash fee.

SPSA is $240 million in the red and that money must be paid off by 2018. To do that, the organization is charging cities 63-percent more in trash tipping fees.

Tom Kriedel with SPSA says it's necessary to get the authority through the next year.

"We can't go bankrupt. We're a state agency. We're a regional waste authority, we're not a company," he explained.

Virginia Beach and Suffolk have long-standing contracts with SPSA, so they won't be impacted.